The basics

On this page we provide you with some very basic information which is harder to put in the guest guide and possibly easier to use from the web. We cover the following:

Basic local orientation; See the Guest Guide; Car hire; Markets; Supermarkets; Petrol stations; Taxis; Bicycle hire; Beaune basics


Basic local orientation

In this map we show you most of the towns and villages mentioned on this site. You can then use Google to get directions…

To see a larger version of this map, please click on the brackets or picture frame icon on the top right hand side of the map below…


Guest Guide to 10pm

Have a look at (or save) the latest copy of the Guest Guide in pdf format by clicking here: 10pmguestguideEF01022023


Car hire

We will leave the choice of hire car companies up to you – we have no preference to share with you. However, what we have done is take out our own, standalone insurance to cover things like excesses. This means you can have complete car hire cover without having to pay for all those “extras” the car hire companies tend to offer at a hefty cost. Type “car hire excess insurance” into your search engine… The more you travel, the more worthwhile this is. We will let you know what we use in due course.

Our main observation is that there is more choice and flexibility if you pick up a hire car from Dijon rather than Beaune. Dijon is about 45 minutes from Puligny and has the added advantage that you can pick a route which takes you through many of the most prestigious wine villages of the area…

Please note that there are only three car hire operators actually at Beaune railway station (Avis, Rentacar Gare Beaune and Ada as far as we can tell (May 2015)). All the others are a good couple of kilometres away. So you will have to get a taxi to the car hire.

There is no taxi rank at Beaune station, so we recommend you either book one or have a number ready (preferably more than one, see our guest guide) on the day to call for one. We will be happy to help with any of this. Please check the address of your car hire company before you arrive!



Our part of Burgundy has a real treat in store for you if you like markets. We don’t know about all of them, but here’s some basic information on a few that we like a lot…

Beaune has a market every Saturday, from early in the morning until about 13.00-14.00. The market consists of a very large outdoor food market, the fabulous indoor market mostly with meat and cheese stalls, and then the “other stuff” – rotisseried chicken, basketwork, honey, mushrooms and truffels (in season) and general hardware-type stuff. We understand there is also a market on Wednesdays, but have not been there ourselves.

Chagny has a lovely little (not that little, but smaller than Beaune) market on Sunday mornings and it is frequented mostly by locals. You can get everything here and it is extremely fresh.

Chalon-sur-Saone is home to probably our favourite market (although it’s a close run thing). We love to go there on Sunday mornings because of its fantastic foodie shops, the architecture, the beautiful river saone and, of course, our favourite chocolate shop. Go to our pages for foodies to see more about what’s on in Chalon-sur-Saone.

The table below gives a little more information relating to markets as at Summer 2015…

Beaune Saturday Morning Place de la Halle – 180 stalls
Beaune Wednesday Morning Place de la Halle – 15 stalls
Meursault Friday Morning Place de L’Hotel de Ville, 12 stalls
Nolay Monday Morning Place Monge et Halles – 14 stalls
Nuits St Georges Friday Morning Halles Centrales – 70 stalls

Chagny                                                           Thursday & Sunday

Bligny-sur-Ouche                                          Wednesday

Verdun-sur-le-Doubs                                    Thursday

Chalon-sur-Saone                                        Wednesday & Thursday & Sunday & Friday but in differing locations.



First of all, don’t forget the epicerie in Puligny. It is small, but stocks most of the basics (and some souvenirs) and you don’t need a car to get to it!

There is a small Casino supermarket in Meursault, in the main square next to the church and the Mairie.

There is a larger Carrefour just before you get to Chagny on the left (about 2.5km from the house).

We like to go to Leclerc in north Beaune, just off the road to Dijon  (about 12km away). It is a hypermarket and stocks most things.

But our favourite supermarket for food is Grand Frais which is on the same retail park as Leclerc. See the section on foodie shops for more info.


The nearest petrol stations

The nearest petrol station is at Carrefour in Chagny  (about 2.5km from the house). Fuel is even cheaper at Leclerc in north Beaune (about 12km away) and sometimes they have special offers!

Beware! Both of the above petrol stations are completely self service and require a credit card.

There is an attended petrol station opposite the one in Carrefour in Chagny. Of course, it is more expensive. If you do not have a chip/pin card it is best, we think, to be prepared with cash.


Taxi firms

There are two taxi services that we use…

Taxi Eric Begue – based in Chagny (just opposite Lameloise) tel: 03 85 91 24 73. He has a seven seater vehicle.

Taxi Meursault – tel: 06 09 38 88 67.

Have a look in our Guest Guide or our directions to 10pm page for a more comprehensive list.


Bicycle hire


There are a few places but this one in Beaune actually delivers bikes to your door (weekdays only). It is based near Beaune railway station. Their telephone number is 03 80 22 06 03 and email is








If you are in Beaune…

A good place to stop for a snack or a drink at any time of the day is Brasserie  Le Carnot. They do traditional things like croissants, croque monsieur etc etc. It is also great for people watching – very French!




And another great place for a drink and a snack is the Bistrot Bourgignon. They do good local wines at a reasonable price by the glass or by the bottle and some interesting local dishes.









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