Key kit in the Main House living room

On this page we just show you some key bits of kit in the Main House living room that it is quite useful for you to know about…

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You should never need to touch the cable box (the one with “TV” on it, or the burglar alarm. If you accidentally unplug the burglar alarm, we will receive a message from the control room.




We have both French cable TV and internet services on the TV in the Main House. Of course it’s complicated (one day someone will make it simple) but hopefully these instructions will help.

In consideration to future guests, please do not reconfigure anything. Thank you!

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The basic TV

You only use the black Sony remote to turn the TV on (green on/off button on the top right) and to select sources (top left button, with an arrow into a screen). HDMI2 is the Orange TV source. HDMI3 is for your device (see later on below).

The black remote comes into use once more if you want to access the internet, but not for cable TV.



Selecting TV channels

The white remote is for French cable TV. With the source selected to HDMI2, press menu (large button with orange writing).

Navigate to the Orange TV square on the screen (far left), which is the service we have paid for, and press OK.

Guide will then take you to a selection screen to select either ce soir (this evening) or maintenant (now). That will then take you to the relevant guide. To scroll through, use the up and down arrows. Otherwise just enter the channel number if you know it.


A TV trick for English speakers…

Once you have selected your channel or film, if it happens to be something that originated in English but is overdubbed into French, you may be able to change it back to English. Press the “OK” button and information on the programme will appear. Click on “langue”/language. If it is available in English, it will give you the option to select it. Magic!


Tv Channels available to you include (unfortunately the TV company change the channels with alarming regularity…):

  • BBC World is on 175
  • CNN is channel 171
  • BLOOMBERG is on 174
  • Deutsche Weld is channel 183
  • NHK World (Japanese) is channel 182.

Have a look for any others you might be interested in.

Parents please note: we have not yet been able to put parental controls on the TV.


Internet TV

To access the internet, switch on the TV using the black Sony remote control (green on/off button on the top right). Make sure that the source is set to TV (not HDMI anything).

You will see a circle of buttons in the middle of the Sony remote control. Press the black one (top left), marked “SEN” (Sony Entertainment Network).

Here you will see a menu of various apps, including Netflix (if you are subscribed), YouTube and an internet browser with a picture of a globe with www written across it. Navigate around this screen using the arrows inside the circle of buttons.


Connecting up a laptop, tablet etc

This way you can run your own apps, subscriptions (eg Netflix) on your own device and show them on the TV screen (with the source selected to HDMI3).

There are two possible “ends” for this wire:

  • If you have an HDMI socket on your computer all you need to do is plug in your device.
  • If you have an ipad/iphone with a lightning plughole, then use the white adapter.

If you take the white adapter off to use an HDMI connection, please replace it when you leave. If your device has neither HDMI nor Apple lightening socket, you can buy an HDMI converter for your device in an electrical store before you come.