Things to do in Burgundy (apart from the obvious!)

In this section we summarise some of the great things you can get up to from your base in Puligny Montrachet.

We have concentrated on seasons as much as we can. We have left the pictures below so you see a bigger picture if you click on them. To go to the relevant page, click on the words as prompted.




It’s not only the flowers that bloom in the spring traa laa, the vines do too. Click here to find out about spring activities.








Summer afternoon – summer afternoon… the two most beautiful words in the English language. To explore how to spend your summer days, click here.






For the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, click here.





One of our favourite things to do when on holiday in Burgundy is to stroll from our holiday house in Puligny Montrachet to Meursault, watching the action in the fields


And to ensure you have no discontent in winter, click here.






Grand frais
Go to basics
Go to tastings
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A fabulous charcuterie in beaune - Mainson Raillard, used by visitors to our vacation rental in Puligny Montrachet
Go to shops
Font in Chalon
Go to the pot pourri