Design credits

How it was done – from the beginning…

The pictures in the slider above show our progress with renovating the houses in chronological order (!), starting with the house as we bought it.

We would certainly have not found this lovely house without the help of Pascal Wagner

The renovation of the main house and annex was designed and project managed by our brilliant architect Véronique Surgot Meulien , ably assisted by her team of professional craftsmen who were full of help and imaginitive ideas

We would be absolutely nowhere without the creative and practical interior design assistance of the Ashby Design Studio

Our beautiful kitchens were designed and realised by Alain and Jerome Delon of Dans Ma Maison, near Chalon

Website design by the fabulous and very patient Steve Boal with excellent consultancy from Chris Wheeler Graphic design 

Conceptual design and text by the fluffly Lisa Ashby

Design input and French translation of our marketing material was by the talented Emilie Charlot

The fastest, and most professional, painting in the West was provided by Nathe, Nige and Leesiepoo with help from the apprentices

A big thank you also to Sylvain, Sharon, Monia, Emily and Victoria for their practical and moral support

There are so many other people to thank for their help with this project and we apologise to anyone we have forgotten but Lisa and Nigel have been so fundamental to our actually finishing (well indeed starting if the truth be told) that they need just one more thank you!


The art


Supper for One

The credits for Chris Gollon were getting so long that we have given him his own page – just click on his picture Supper for One to the side of this text…







‘Walk Tall’ in Winter by Julie Swinsco at








‘Poppies’ in the Spring bathroom by Vicki Vella







‘Monkey’ wood etching in Summer by Victoria Charlot













‘Catalan seed pods’ and ‘Autumn’ in the Autumn bedroom by Vicki Vella


Julie swinsco's work is a favourite of ours at 10pm in Puligny Montrachet, Burgundy and we use her throughout the house.

‘Grecian’ by Julie Swinsco is also in the Autumn bedroom








‘Identité’ currently in the corridor in the big house by Janis Zoutman who needs to get her website up and running.







‘Nude 1997’ also in the corridor in the big house by Anne Hutchison at







‘Aqua’ and also ‘shards’,  in the family bathroom, by Vicki Vella







The stunning ‘Africa’ in Mali in the little house was painted by Vicki Vella






Copies of photographic prints are also available for purchase. Created by Vicki Vella, Lisa & Nigel Ashby and Peter Noble.

Vineyard maps, as seen in Winter, are available at the Caveau.



And if you don’t think a couscous can be a work of art, have another look! Thank you Monia!