How the ovens work

How the ovens work!

The oven at our luxury holiday rental in Burgundy

The oven in the Main House…If you click onto this picture you will see a larger version…

Down the right hand side you have the on/off “button” (top right) and the “go” button (bottom right). Never forget the “go” button!

Down the left hand side you have (from the top) Select method of cooking and temperature, Select automatic programmes, select auto cleaning. These are not buttons, they are just headings.

In the middle you have up and down arrows which are “buttons” and which allow you to move up and down the column we have just described. A red box encloses the function you have selected.

The dial gives you the finer adjustment of the function selected. For example, if you select the temperature function, the dial adjusts the temperature for you to select.

So to set the oven to normal convection at 180 degrees… switch the oven on (top right button). Then press the arrows if necessary until the red box encloses the method of cooking function. Turn the dial until you get to the two red lines above and below. Then move down using the arrows to the temperature function and turn the dial until you get to 180. Then press go (the bottom right hand button).

Other method of cooking selections are:

Fan assisted – propeller inside a circle

Normal convection – two horizontal lines above and below

Keep warm – tray with hot air coming up from it

Defrost – big water droplet and freezer sign

Bottom heat only (good for browning cakes apparently) – line just at the bottom

Grill – wiggly line at the top

Grill with pulsed air – wiggly line at the top with propeller underneath



Looking at the buttons you have available once the oven is on (the red lit symbols on the right hand black panel…

M = memory – we have never used this

>>SSS = rapid heating up to required temperature

Clock = all sorts of timer functions

Bulb = interior light

i, short press = what is the temperature?

i, long press = change standard settings (sounds dangerous to us!)

key = child security lock on/off


And finally, cleaning the oven…

This wonderful machine has a self clean function. all you do is ensure that only the oven components are in the oven and then press the bottom

left hand button which has lots of little circles on it and then press the go button. This will heat the oven to 500 degrees c for two hours. It automatically locks itself when it gets very hot to avoid accidents. Yu can adjust the time to 1hr 30 min or 1 hr if you wish.

After cleaning, all you need to do is wipe down any ash from the oven and voila!


The oven in the Little House


This is very similar to the oven in the Main House but, in our opinion, is slightly more user friendly in that it works with dials. Just be careful to line up the dot on the dial with the setting you want.