Chris Gollon

A big thank you to Chris Gollon and his agent, David Tregunna for allowing us to use Chris’ images for our 10pm logo and also on this site.

A lot of the inspiration for the Autumn bedroom in particular came from Chris’ work. In Autumn you can see a limited edition inkjet print of Chris’ A Drink to Soutine… Just look at those colours and the work that has gone into the textures…

Do take some time to look closely at Chris’ work. The more you look at it, the more you will love it! We feel that Chris is out to capture the Humanity in everything and he is interested in all aspects of it – the light, the dark and the ridiculous.

‘Supper for One’ (in “Winter”) is the simple, yet deeply moving pen and ink drawing made in winter when the artist was snowed in .

‘Cheese Wine and Tomatoes (II)’ is located in the corridor.

All of these are with kind permission from Chris Gollon and IAP Fine Art.


See more of Chris’ fabulous work at

And do go and see his Stations of the Cross at St John on Bethnal Green as well as other public collections such as the British Museum, Huddersfield Art Gallery, The River and Rowing Museum at Henley and the University of Durham.

Limited edition prints of Chris Gollon’s work, as well as original paintings, drawings and monotypes are available for purchase from, as is the latest book on Chris’ work by art historian Tamsin Pickeral, endorsed by Bill Bryson OBE.


Last (for now), but absolutely not least, get a glimpse of Chris’ magical Kaleidomorphism One film, made in conjunction with the incredible Jabod by clicking here.