Our favourite markets

We have a fairly comprehensive list of markets and their timings on our basics page, but here are the three markets that we would recommend…

In the chaufferie you should find a very useful (although possibly dusty) shopping bag on wheels which is ideal for all of that fruit, veggies and other delights. Please feel free to use it, but please also put it back for others to use.

The markets tend to start early (around 08.00) and go on until 13.00 or 13.30. You will find it easier to park if you go a little earlier…

On each of the maps below we have indicated via where the route finishes, where you might be able to find a parking space.

If you need any help or advice, just let us know.



Beaune is a very quick car or taxi ride from 10pm (15 minutes usually).

The big Beaune market happens on Saturday mornings, although there is a smaller one on Wednesdays. There is a large outdoor market including food, crafts and all sorts of other things. Then we have the fabulous indoor market for your meat and meat products plus. And after all of that, we have some really interesting shops too!

You could make a real day of it, shopping in the morning, having a leisurely lunch and then perhaps doing some sight seeing.



The map below shows you the route we would take to Beaune. At the end of the route there is usually a fair bit of parking available…


Chagny is even closer to Puligny Montrachet and its market is on Sunday mornings. Our neighbours opposite 10pm prefer this market and it is probably the least “touristic” of the three we have singled out here.

The shops stay open on Sunday mornings whilst the market is on and even the supermarkets stay open too.

Chagny is a beautiful town, home of the world-famous Lameloise restaurant (three Michelin stars) and it is well worth an explore in its own right.


Here are some directions to get to Chagny. It is literally a five minute drive…



Chalon-sur-Saone is about thirty minutes from 10pm, but we think it is well worth the visit.

It is on the magnificent rives Saone, tree lined, broad and beautiful.

It has some beautiful historical architecture and a beautiful Cathedral.

The Sunday market is really lovely and the shops there are a bit special too!

These pictures were taken one icy Christmas, so they are not very bright. But we do think that the character of Chalon comes across in them…

Finally, here are our directions to Chalon…