The numerous keys

Call us naive but we did not hear about the fact that you could have one key to open all the doors in a property until it was too late! One day we will have one key for the Main House, one for the Little House, and one for the outside areas. But unfortunately not yet…

So, to help you with the keys to the Main House and outside areas…


You will be given six keys which are, from left to right…

The gate key – by far the biggest. The only thing to remember with the gate is that the handle turns in the opposite direction to what you would expect. so if you are going in it turns anti-clockwise and if you are going out it turns clockwise. otherwise, although the key is easy to use, you may think that the gate has not unlocked!

Front door shutter – this is the Dark green topped key. normal yale-type key.

Front door – the paler green topped key. It works as per the guest instructions for 10pm. You turn the key and open the door. To lock the door you close it, gently lift the door handle up and then turn the key.

Summer bedroom outside door – with a yellow top to reflect Summer. It works in the same way as the front door key.

Chaufferie – the weird shaped one. works like a yale. This gives you access to the washing machine, drying lines, iron and ironing board, loungers (if they are not already out), garden tables (ditto), barbecue implements (ditto again), and bicycles.

Secure store –  the smallest key giving you access to a place to store your wine without having to cart it all the way up to the Main House.

There are only two keys to the Little House so this should not be such an issue!